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Cardeeth Holidays is a family run business offering holidays and experiences in the spectacular Pembrokeshire Countryside.  Its all about providing quality in the best possible locations.  Each of our cottages, glamping sites and venues are in unique locations perfectly placed for a holiday.  We have 2 boys who have been brought up to enjoy the freedom amongst lovely people, in an environment that creates a laid back atmosphere. We’ve all spent time away from Pembrokeshire through study, work, travel, but don’t think that there’s anywhere better to be.  

Cardeeth is an organic farm on the edge of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, surrounded by fields and woodlands overlooking a beautiful South facing valley across to The Ridgeway which separates us by 3 and a 1/2 miles to the sea. Carew Castle, built bt the Normans over 900 years ago, tidal Mill and estuary can be spotted less than a mile across the fields. “Caer’ means ‘stronghold’ or ‘fortress’ in Old Welsh ‘Caer’deeth’ now peacfully sits in the Pembrokeshire Countryside as a working farm.
We produce beef from non-intensively reared Welsh Black Cattle using traditional farming methods.  Our native livestock live happily outdoors, maturing slowly on clover-rich pasture and a small quantity of home grown ‘meadow’ hay.  There are free range chickens too, they love being given suitable scraps from the kitchen, peck at the windfall apples and let us take their rich flavourful eggs.  we believe in the highest levels of animal welfare and minimising the impact on our environment, this also means that no chemical fertilisers or chemicals are used.

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